Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day stitchery

It was Mr B's first proper Father's Day yesterday as he was away at a friend's stag do last year. We had a lovely relaxed family day involving bacon and pancakes, Drop Dead Fred (farewell Rik Mayall, sigh) and a cheeky pint or two at our favourite local pub.

Our Little One and I collaborated on a gift for Mr B - she scribbled on a set of four handkerchiefs and I embroidered over her scribbles...

Two hankies were embroidered in colour (as they were drawn) and two were done in pale blue thread for a more subtle effect.

I stretched the handkerchief out in the embroidery hoop (but in reverse, so that the right side of the fabric was up, but was sitting against the floor) and let the Little One at it with her pencils. I then fitted the embroidery hoop the right way around and started stitching...
I had to stop her making her scribbles too complex, and even then had to do a bit of picking and choosing which lines to follow, but it was quite a nice zen-like activity stitching along meandering random lines!

After washing and ironing them, I popped them back in their original packaging and wrapped them up ready for Fathers day. Mr B was very pleased with them and I believe he has one of them in his pocket at work today!