Wednesday, May 21, 2014

spotty belt

MMMay'14 Week 3 - narrow spotty belt
completed May 20th

Another week of MMMay and I have made another belt. This time I have had a play around with pattern. The salmon-y coloured spots are the natural colour of the leather and I dotted them on using a masking fluid. I then dyed the belt black and rubbed off the dots to reveal the pattern.

I had planned for this belt to be blue with a silver buckle, but it seems my blue leather dye has leaked/evaporated and I didn't have enough, so I went for black. I didn't have any black leather dye either but I did have black edge ink which has a gloopier consistency. Not being the right material for the job, the outcome isn't ideal but at least I know that for next time. 

The buckle and loop were cut off a vinyl belt I found in a charity shop. The rivets are from my stash.

I clustered the dots at the ends and spread them out more evenly along the centre of the belt. I was going for a bit of a random look but I think next time I'll do a more consistently sized dot.

Happily, it goes quite nicely with this pussy bow blouse which I found on a previous trip to the same charity shop in which I found the belt buckle. And all for less than a fiver.

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