Wednesday, January 15, 2014

curmudgeonly crochet

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you!

We're in the depths of winter, and while London's weather is nothing like America's polar vortex, we have had our share of chilly days. I like winter, especially on clear crisp days, but there is always a moment when I first step outside from my warm flat and the reality of the situation hits me. This is the scarf I crocheted on and off through October/November to commemorate the one thought I have in my mind at that moment...

This is my first experiment with filet crochet which is a technique where a design is created by contrasting filled in squares against a mesh background. 

I used the information in Debbie Stoller's The Happy Hooker to make up my own chart and coloured in each line as I completed it so I could keep track of where I was up to.

I wanted this scarf to appear to the world to be a lovely innocent lacy confection so I added a fancy border...

When it is wound around my neck the message is obscured. I like that I am the only one who knows that my lovely lacy scarf is secretly a potty-mouthed curmudgeon. Well, now you know too.