Monday, October 21, 2013

handy dandy notebooks

Remember the stamping I did with carved pencil erasers and an ink pad? I used those stamped cards as covers for little notebooks.
(The other two patterns you can see here were done with little potatoes and an ink pad)

Usually when I have proper moleskine-style notebooks, I get overwhelmed by the permanence of them - I feel like I should fill them with profound thoughts and beautiful sketches, and so don't end up using them at all! I made this batch of notebooks with the intention that they would be ephemeral - I used normal old printer paper, and my stamped cards for covers and I decided they would be used for mundane things - shopping lists, little reminders, that sort of thing. And if I happen to jot down a profound thought, well then that's an added bonus! I will not hold on to them forever, I will enjoy their covers for the time it takes to use them, but then off they go.

They are A6 size with 16 pages.
I followed this tutorial for making notebooks and the same lady's tutorial for doing the saddle stitching.

I didn't have waxed thread so I used 4 strands of sewing thread and holding them as one, ran them across a block of beeswax before stitching. I used my new flower press (without the cardboard layers) to flatten them overnight before trimming the edges the next day.

Ready and waiting for boring old to-do lists!


  1. Love love love! So cute, and such a great idea. I love the printed patterns. Very impressed!

    1. thanks! they're pretty quick and easy to make, fairly addictive too - I'll just make another, just one more...

  2. They are beutiful! I loved the patterns that you made, and this is a great use for them. Getting to enjoy the covers while jotting down things. Great!

    1. thanks! Have you had a go at bookbinding yet? It's pretty satisfying!