Wednesday, September 25, 2013

zig zag zebra

Here's another of my last-of-the-summer sewing projects - a Wiksten tank.

After experimenting with my wispy dress version of this pattern, I wanted to have a go at the tank version as I know I'll get a lot more wear out of the shorter style.

I found this navy blue and white fabric on the fabric remnants stall in the Lewisham Market for £2/m. When I first saw it I thought "I'm not sure if I like this crazy Zig Zag Zebra pattern... but I think I kinda like it!" 

I cut the tank pattern as is and used pre-made bias tape to make life even easier. It was satisfyingly quick to put together. 

It's such an easy relaxed top to wear and I have already worn it a lot. I have discovered that the fabric has impressive creasing abilities but I'm pretending that the crumpliness is not shabby, it's sculptural - like a 3D interpretation of the crazy pattern. This way I can further justify my non-iron stance towards my clothing. Phew!


  1. I love your fabric choice! I'm with you on appreciating those simple, well-designed patterns that come together so quickly - so satisfying!

  2. I can confirm, seeing as I have had the pleasure of witnessing this top IRL, that it is an epic WIN!!! Do you foresee more Wiksten tanks in the future? xxx

    1. There definitely will be more wiksten tanks in my future. I might have a play with it - peter pan collar, maybe scoop the sides in a little bit, that sort of thing.
      Watch this space...