Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wedding shoes for Tron and Tebbs

It's wedding season! This time two years ago my friends "Tron and Tebbs" got married and for their special day I got to make them some special shoes!

     Beautiful photo thanks to Peartree Pictures

Linatron (not-her-real-name) wore a beautiful floor length white wedding dress and her brief for the shoes was "art deco with a touch of robot". We met up for a drink after work and came up with the design above - clean pearlised white leather court shoes with art deco style sun ray motif in silver and pewter leather. The two tones of metallic leather play with the light differently and add a flash of interest peeking out from under the dress.

The motif is repeated up the back of the shoes and down the back of the heels.

I used blue leather for the sock (the bit of lining that covers the insole) to match the lining of Tebbs' wedding shoe request...

    Dancing photo thanks to Peartree Pictures blue leather and blue suede two tone oxford brogues!

The pale blue suede is visible through the brogue holes of the toe cap and foxing, navy blue leather visible through the holes of the vamp. Pale blue lining leather (as used for Tron's sock) and silver leather sock to match Tron's toe detail.

Mr & Mrs Tebbsatron.
...with Tron's shoes radiating more light than my camera can handle!


  1. Those are both beautiful! I love the art deco detailing.

    1. Thankyou! I really like that motif - it's simple but it has a lot of impact!

  2. They were both just awesome shoes :) x

  3. Pay attention to the fact that you will be standing for hours and you will have to dance with the shoes you have chosen, so do not take the first super sleek, with a thin heel.

  4. Emily... these shoes are just fabulous!

    I particularly adore the heels... I'm a tad obsessed with early Art Deco styling and these are just stunning. Gorgeous work as always!

  5. Both shoes for Tron and Tebbs are pretty. I desire to wear such wedding shoes on my wedding with my life partner.
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  6. Both these pairs are awesome like my Vero Cuoio shoes that I got from my spouse as my anniversary present. Thanks for sharing.