Saturday, June 01, 2013

little leggings

Technically Me Made May is over for another year, but I'm a little behind in posting my makes, so please allow me to extend the month a little bit and share with you my second MMMake for the Little One...
Little swan leggings.

Completed: May 17th.

I've already made a couple of pairs of leggings for the Little One using interesting printed knits, so I was pretty pleased to find this swan knit fabric at the fabric remnants stall in Lewisham Market for £2 per metre.

The pattern was pretty easy as I traced a pair of shop bought ones that fit her well and used that as the starting point. The legs are cut on the fold with an inside seam only. I serged the seams and used my regular sewing machine for the hems and waistband.

The waistband is a loop of 3/4" elastic, stitched to the wrong side of the raw edge of the leggings, folded in and stitched again using the 3-step zig zag. Previously I've used the 3-step zig zag for the hem, but this time I had a go with a double needle (visible in the shot above). I wasn't sure it would provide enough stretch but I'm happy with the result.

Action shot. These chubby legs don't stay still for long!

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