Monday, June 03, 2013

Final make of May.

 My final make of MMMay and it's a MMMiette!

completed: May 28th.
(I probably could have finished it sooner but Nexflix released the new season of Arrested Development and we had to spend out evenings hanging out with the Bluths!)

I've admired Tilly's Miette pattern since she released it and have seen some lovely versions of it around the interwebs, so I thought for my final make of MMMay, I would treat myself and download the pattern.

I used a medium weight denim which is quite dark but has this almost cross hatched look to it.

I finished the seams on my overlocker and because I don't like wearing skirts above my knee, I only turned the hem up half an inch and finished it with some bias tape. I also topstitched the ties so that they'd hold their shape without having to iron them.

This is a great skirt and I'm pleased with how it turned out. Tilly did an excellent job with the photo instructions which I referred to especially at the waistband stage. I have worn it out already although I wore it backwards with the bow at the back because I had the baby carrier on my front.  It's comfy and the generous amount of overlap means that I need not fear a sudden gust of wind! The denim makes for a rather sticky-outy A-line which I think may calm down a bit after a few washes.

Again, I made this in stages dipping in and out as baby-wrangling-duties allowed and I discovered I get quite impatient at the cutting out stage. All that ironing of metres of freshly washed fabric and pinning and cutting seems to take ages! It's odd because when I'm making shoes I really enjoy the cutting out stage. Maybe it just feels more efficient whizzing around the leather with a knife. I think I need to embrace the slower pace and appreciate the process a bit more!

My first Miette - a lovely treat to end another successful Me Made May! Hooray!

[and in homage to Tilly, the soundtrack to this make was the audio book of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter.]

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  1. This is lovely! I've got my Miette pattern all cut out, my fabric washed and ready to go - just need to find the time to get started! I love the way the lines on your denim give a kind of chevron effect on the front seam.