Friday, May 24, 2013

Beard bib!

I have fallen a bit behind with documenting the things I have been making as part of Me Made May. So here is a look at the first MMM item I made for the Little One...

Completed: May 4th (after completing my maxi skirt)

I have already made a few dribble bibs for the Little One, but this time round I made her a long beard bib. Why on earth would I make my baby daughter a long beard bib? Thanks internet, that's a good question! It was so that she could non-verbally celebrate the launch of my friend Stephen Collins' wonderful first graphic novel The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil.

If you click on that link you'll see that the whole book was done in soft pencil with lots and lots of intricate cross hatching, so in homage I chose this excellent fabric from my stash with its scrawly cross hatched design...
...and I drew a beardy shape.
I lined it with some white flannelette and topstitched around the edge, all ready to go to the book launch...

(she was getting a bit grumpy by the time this shot was taken)

You can see Stephen Collins' weekly cartoon in The Guardian Weekend Magazine here (may I recommend this one, this one and this one), his website here and you can buy The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil here.


  1. LOVE it Emily! What a great idea. And love the grumpy face too... :)
    Congrats to your friend on his book!

  2. Classic! Beards will be the new moustache and you will have a great little business with these :) Thanks for the links to Stephen Collins' work. Hilarious.