Monday, November 05, 2012

Alchemy for my sister

It was my sister's birthday in September and I wanted to make something special for her. I wanted to make her a statement necklace that would look good heading into the Australian spring and summertime, something that would catch the sunlight and glow. 

What's more impressive, I thought, than a necklace that turns scrap wood into FACETED NUGGETS OF PUREST GOLD?!*
*not made of actual gold. 

Following on from my experiences making my something out of nothing necklace, and my enormous gold-tipped sapphires necklace, I cut some scrap wood into rectangles of varying sizes and then ground the corners and edges off until I had some pleasing facets. I then drilled holes horizontally through the narrower top end so that they would hang in the same way as the Sapphires beads. I gave them a couple of coats of gold paint leaving one of the facets on the bottom of each bead unpainted so that the grain of the wood could be seen. I wanted to give a little nod to the original material and add a subtle bit of contrast. I then gave the beads a coat of varnish to give them a good lustre to really catch the light.
I strung the beads together using small oval opal beads (from my stash) as spacers, and attached it to thin strips of pale gold leather (also from my stash) so that my sister could vary the height of the necklace depending on what she was wearing.
The necklace got held up a Australian customs for a bit - I think they might have been investigating the secrets of my mad alchemy skillz, but it made its was to my sister and has been catching the springtime sunshine since then.