Saturday, September 22, 2012

Last minute boots

I am a week away from going on maternity leave, and in the midst of winding up at work, I wanted to make sure I finished off these boots for Mr B. I had previously made him these boots in black which he wears all the time and I thought that he might like them in this lovely brown too. The poor fellow has been waiting a while for these - I started them in February and they have pretty much been relegated to the back burner since then!

Punching the toecap.

Here's a post I did about folding the edges of the upper pieces ready for stitching. You can see that the silver pen line was a marker for the two rows of decorative stitching. 

While these uppers were waiting for me to get around to lasting them, they got splattered with hydraulics oil when a nearby machine had a rather messy malfunction. Luckily the leather coped ok and there was no need to start all over again.

I burnished the brogue holes and decorative stitching with a darker shade of shoe polish and added a hard-wearing top-piece to the heel and a thin layer of rubber to the leather soles for ease of future repair.
Thankyou to JJ for trimming the soles while I was busy doing some 'proper' work.

Mr B is happy with the result. I am quite pleased with them too. 

(and they only took most of a year to complete!)


  1. Beautiful work , well worth the wait!
    Bet you're ready to put your feet up now, enjoy your last few weeks of quiet! Take care x

  2. Beautiful, beautiful boots. Lucky Mr. B. I keep coming back to gaze at them.

    Hope all is well with you and baby,

    Love, Muv

  3. Hi! I love these boots. They are very nice. I was wondering where did you get the brogue punch tool. I have never seen it before. TIA

  4. Hello!
    The punch belongs to one of the other fellows at the workshop I worked at. He had them in various sizes although I don't know where he got them. Sorry.
    I've had a quick look and you could probably have something similar made to your specifications from someone like this...
    Hope that's helpful!
    All the best!