Monday, August 27, 2012

Switcheroo - version 2

After the success of the first button braces re-fit for Mr B, he requested that I convert a pair of his regular clip-style braces to accommodate buttons. 

regular clip-style braces

Rather than having two separate button tabs on each end as before, he asked that the leather tabs be one piece as you see on some older, traditional braces.

I made a template based on the shape of the tabs from the first pair, and made a trial tab. I found it to be too long and so adjusted the template. When I was happy with the pattern I cut the tabs from leather, again ensuring I cut them in the direction of least stretch.
The markings on the above tabs is where I will begin and end the stitchline.

stitching the tabs.
I used a Singer post (as opposed to flatbed) machine. It has a wheel foot which stays in constant contact with the leather so that it cannot shift around.

I trimmed the excess leather close to the stitchline, making sure I left an even curve into the tab ends. I then lightly hammered the stitched area into a nice round shape.

I punched the buttonholes with a buttonhole punch...

...and attached them to the braces with another leather tab and a couple of rivets.

I am pleased with the result. As is Mr B. Success all round!


  1. Working with leather really intrigues me. The tools are so amazing.

    1. Leather is a very satisfying material to work with. It has a lot of the same properties as many fabrics, but you can also mould it and shape it in a way you can't with fabric. Plus you don't have to worry about the edges fraying!

  2. So cute! You clever lady xxx