Monday, July 02, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

**This is an example of some of the work I was involved with when I worked for a company called Theatrical Shoemakers. We made costume shoes for film, theatre, television etc**

We at Theatrical Shoemakers had a great time making some really interesting boots for Snow White and the Huntsman from designs by the amazing Colleen Atwood.

We made multiple pairs of boots for the actors playing the Dwarf characters, as well as pairs for the little people stand-ins for each Dwarf character. We also made pairs for stunt doubles as well as little stunt doubles. 

Ray Winstone as "Gort"
Brown leather and suede with pleated/pulled together lacing detail.

Johnny Harris as "Quert"
Brown suede boot with leather strap.
Boot on the left is for Johnny Harris, boot on the right for little person stand-in.

Toby Jones as "Coll"
Black suede boot with red leather fold down cuff and thonging detail.

Midway through making "Coll" boots for Toby Jones, little stunt double, little stand-in.

Midway through making "Duir" boots for Eddie Marsan, little stunt double, little stand-in
Brown and yellow suede with inside and outside lacing.

"Muir" boots for Bob Hoskins and little stand-in.
Grey suede inside laced boot with blue suede fold down topline.

 Brian Gleeson as "Gus"
Brown and blue suede boot with orange leather fold down cuff

Iain McShane as "Beith"
Brown suede boots with buckle detail, pink leather fold down cuff with stitch detail.

Nick Frost as "Nion"
Brown suede boot with grey leather fold down cuff and outside leather and lacing detail.

"Nion" boots for Nick Frost and little stand-in.

"Young Prince William"
Brown suede inside laced boot with blue leather fold down cuff.

I think these are for Sam Spruell as "Finn" (or I may have gotten confused and included some boots from another film entirely!)
Black leather boot with centre seam piping detail and false lacing detail at back (inside zip)

terrible photo of "Finn" (?) boots, but I wanted to show the nice topline of this boot. This can cover the knee or be folded down as a cuff.

Vincent Regan as "Duke Hammond" 
Brown suede boot with bound edges, false outside lacing detail (inside zip).

We also made boots for Dave Legano as "Broch" as well as boots for Sam Cafflin as "Prince William" in brown suede with buckles and black suede with buckles, but I now realise I managed to not photograph them. Sorry all.

So there you go, lots to keep an eye out for when watching Snow White and the Huntsman. (I just wish we'd had a chance to make shoes for Charlize Theron's evil queen...)


  1. Clare from Leeds2 July 2012 at 22:31

    These are fantastic! I'll have to go and see the film now to drool over the boots..........

  2. I think I'll be seeing the film twice just to marvel over your work.

  3. What an awesome experience it must have been to make shoes for such a great movie! I'm totally jealous!

  4. Wow! Great boots

  5. There is so much work in all those boots! Unbelievable designs also. Well done, Team. XO

    1. Well, we can't take credit for the designs - that's all down to the costume designer and wardrobe department. Our job is to turn the 2D drawings into 3D shoes!

  6. What an amazing place of work. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
    Wonderful craftsmanship.

  7. Extra thanks and appreciation - you're on the Lovely Blog list I've just posted.

  8. Hey Emily, I think you have my dream job!
    Great to see what you're up to over there, any idea if I can get that gum tracaganth over here?
    Keep on lurking over at Aprons and Hammers, I'm happy to know there are other shoe peeps out there reading along x

    1. Hi Emma,
      You can get gum tragacanth from Tandy stockists or online:
      it's pretty handy stuff. I find a combination of using a circle edge slicker and the back of my thumb nail gives the best result. Enjoy!