Saturday, July 14, 2012

a lovely award...

I'm sure I'm not the only one to be feeling a bit jilted by summer. The rain is endless, and even though it is making everything nice and green and is quite nice to listen to in the evenings, I would really like some summer now please now. I would like to walk in the breezy sunshine without a cardigan and umbrella. I would like to enjoy the long evenings out and about while we still have long evenings. I would like my hair not to be frizzy all the time. Sigh. 

I haven't been making much at home. We have been really busy at work (working on some really great projects - more on that as and when it's appropriate...) and I have pretty much just been flopping when I get home. I have made a couple of bits and pieces but they've been presents and I haven't wanted to post about them until they have made their way to their new homes, all of which means things have been a bit quiet on the blog front.

In the middle of all this un-inspired-ness, how lovely to be nominated for a Lovely Blogger award by Snippa! Thank you so much! It's funny, I think of myself as such a newbie blogger and I find it amazing that anyone has even found my blog is such a vast digital ocean, and that people take the time to stop by and comment. It's really great. So thank you Snippa for the lovely boost! (If you haven't seen her blog you should have a look. This is one multi-talented lady - sewing, sock knitting, she also dabbles in a bit of silversmithing making beautiful pendants using semi-precious stones.)

There are rules attached to this award. They are as follows...
- Thank the blogger who nominated you
- Post the badge
- Share seven random facts about yourself
- Pass the award on to ten more bloggers

Some random facts about myself are as follows...
- I made my first pair of shoes when I was 16. I was doing a week's work experience with the excellent Eugenia Neave and I made a pair of sandals. They were black leather, a solid panel on the inside of the foot and dividing into straps on the outside, and I cut out little star shapes on the inside sections and stuck silver leather beneath that shone through. They were very wonky BUT I HAD MADE SOME SHOES!!!

- My second toes are longer than my big toes. I believe this is called 'Morton's Toe'. Apparently this means I will never become a prima ballerina (which is ok with me) and also means that a certain husband who shall remain nameless refers to them as my "weird long finger-toes".

- I can be oddly OCD about certain things, for example, when I do the washing up I always wash in this order - glasses, cups, bowls, small plates, big plates, cutlery, pots and pans.

- The Muppets Take Manhattan is one of my all-time favourite movies.

- I can do pretty legible mirror writing. 

- I once had a brush with death when a tree I was sheltering under during a sudden storm got blown over.

- There was a time during primary school when loads of chain letters were doing the rounds, all with the don't-break-the-chain-send-this-letter-on-to-seven-people-or-something-terrible-will-happen-to-you warnings. I found this to be a great worry in my young life until my mum told me it was ok to break the chain, I wasn't going to be beset by calamity. Ever since then I have been a bit adverse to chain-style letters, even those harmless and probably quite useful recipe chain emails.

(It is for this reason that I will not be passing this Lovely Blog Award on to ten other bloggers. I greatly appreciate being included on Snippa's lovely blog list and I shall take her up on her don't-feel-obligated-to-pass-this-on disclaimer.)

Gosh, what a lot of words! To balance things out, here is a picture of a miraculous face that once appeared on my finger whilst eating chocolate cake...

And for you nature lovers, here's a picture of a baby ladybird...


  1. Good on you for your nice award and your reveal! I have sent the link to your blog to a Brisbane blogger that I have adored ever since she began her blog. Faux Fuschia had been to see Snow White and the Huntsman so I told of your shoe making abilities etc. hope bub is growing as required. xo

  2. Thanks for your blog - it is very interesting to me, an costumer for amateur theatre. By the way (if you're interested) a long second toe means that you have a celtic foot as opposed to a german foot where the toes are more in line (I'm also a champion of trivia and I have a celtic foot)

    1. Celtic foot eh? Nice bit of trivia! Well we're in good company - apparently the Statue of Liberty has a longer second toe.

  3. Funny, we call them 'ladybugs'!! I think I like 'ladybird' better!!