Monday, July 16, 2012

Lantern slides old and new

I have a few lantern slides which I found ages ago at The Junk Shop in Greenwich, south-east London. There were loads of them in the shop - photos of landscapes around the world, illustrations of Bible stories,  but I chose a few interesting scientific-y ones...

Hand-written label on slide reads: 'Sponge - Caualo.'
I love the little arrows.

Label on edge of slide reads: 'Miliolina, life appearance.'

'Group of, on dark ground.'
'Flatters & Garnett, Ltd., 32, Dover St., Manchester, S.E.'

'X15. Suckers on foreleg [male symbol] Dytiscus.'

'Gasterosteus spinachia'

Hand-written label reads: 'Centropus sinensis'
Label pictured in slide reads: 'Common Coucal, Centropus sinensis, Adult Male, Island of Ceylon'

I have a more recent addition to my little family of slides...
it is a lovely lino cut print of some old pewter charms made by Jo Waterhouse from the blog Toot as in Foot.

Have you seen Jo's blog? It is amazing, one of my absolute favourites in the whole of the internets. She has an excellent eye for unusual and beautiful objects (which she sells at Spitalfields Market), takes lovely photographs and has a very funny take on the world. She also makes videos of things going from one side to the other. You should make yourself a cup of tea and have a trawl through her archives. 

A couple of months ago she was generous enough to give away three of these beautiful slides and lucky old me was one of the happy recipients! Hooray!
She very swiftly sent it off to Botterman Empire HQ, and I am a bit embarrassed to admit that it took me until last weekend to gather the necessary bits and bobs to fashion a new display system for my little collection.

Rather than keeping them on the window sill as I had in our last flat, I wanted to add them to the growing gallery wall in the living room. I found a  suitably sized frame at the junk market in Deptford, pulled it apart and cut the angled edges off the two shorter sides using my nifty piercing saw. I then attached these two frame pieces to the wall and lined up the lantern slides on the bits of frame. The little lipped edge of the frame stops them from sliding off.

The 'Common Coucal' and the 'Gasterosteus spinachia' are checking out the new arrival.

The growing gallery.

Thanks again Jo!


  1. You're a lovely beast lady Botterman! You've made those slides look wonderful. X

  2. Oh my!! These slides are amazing!! You were so lucky to find them! I'm jealous! : )