Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A tiny cardigan for a tiny person

Our little Botterbean is due to make its world debut in early November - straight into an English winter -  so it'll be needing some little woollens to keep it snug.

Apart from a few granny squares, this is my first proper crochet project since learning to crochet a few months back. It is this pattern, although rather than getting lost trying to follow the pattern myself, I stitched along to this video. It's handy having someone show you what to do (although the sound does get annoyingly quiet at the sleeve stage). I think this is a great style, it's simple and stylish with its asymmetrical front and it isn't bogged down in all the froufrou you often get with baby clothes.

The yarn is acrylic, but very soft and is made up of strands of blue and green giving a bit of a tweedy effect. It says on the pattern that this cardigan is for 6-9months, but I wanted 0-3months, so I used a smaller hook (4mm) and it seems to have turned out the right sort of size. 

I stitched the body of the cardigan on sunday (until an onset of claw-hand forced me to stop) and I did the sleeves and finishing off on monday evening.

It's all a bit wonky, one of the sleeves is a bit bulgy and the edges aren't quite straight, but it has two sleeves, a neck hole and functioning buttons, so I'm counting it as a success!
I will definitely make this little cardigan again (hopefully improving each time!) I think this pattern would work very well in stripes...


  1. What a super cute cardi!!! Well done.

  2. Definitely a success! Your baby will love it.

  3. Wow... this is your first project since learning how to crochet? Bravo! Your little one will look so chic in it!

  4. Oh my goodness!!! That is the sweetest little crochet creation ever! You are such a multi-talented lady xxx

  5. How adorable, what a great little thing :) and you're right that would look aces in stripes.

  6. Thanks for the lovely words everyone!
    I'd recommend this cardi to other beginner crochet-ers, especially if you follow along with the video. I'm already planning the next ones - one with a contrast yolk, a stripey one....

  7. What a great first effort...and there is nothing like making your own special things for your baby.