Monday, May 28, 2012

Sewing for a bulging belly

My new baby belly has really made its presence known over the last few weeks. I have had to retire my usual high-waisted jeans along with a number of my favourite trousers and skirts, and have bought myself some black linen maternity trousers. (Oh maternity trousers, I love you so! I love your elastic panels and I shall keep you forever - you shall be my special Christmas-Dinner-and-other-similarly-proportioned-meals trousers!)

I knew I wanted to make myself a comfy below-the-belly skirt and luckily, whilst tidying up my sewing area recently, I discovered a couple of metres of navy blue knit fabric I had forgotten I had purchased. The knit fabric is of a heavier weight than I would like for a summer t-shirt, but perfect for a skirt, so with a vague plan in mind, I started cutting. I based the shape on a skirt block I had made previously, cutting the front on the fold and two panels for the back. I serged the pieces together, tried it on, took it in a bit, tried it on again, took it in a bit etc until it felt right.

I based the wide, fold-down waistband on similar design on a pair of yoga trousers I own. I cut the waistline lower at the front than the back (to sit below the belly), hence the difference in the hem length in the above shot. I cut the waistband, serged it into a tube and then serged it to the waistband. The width of the waistband allows me to fold it over a little or a lot depending how high I want it to sit.

I hadn't originally planned to have another band at the hem, but when I was hemming the skirt on my usual sewing machine, it got gobbled up into the feed plate and ripped as I was wrestling it free. I changed my needle in case that was the culprit, but once I started up again the hem got munched up again, resulting in another rip. This hadn't happened before on any of the t-shirts I've made and I found it really frustrating. I had to cut the nibbled hem off and serged on a band instead. I shall, however,  pretend that I had planned this all along - the hem band echoing the waist band.

It's not the most glamorous skirt on the hanger, and to be honest, it's not the most glamorous skirt at all, but it is comfy and that's what I wanted.

I also made myself a belly band. I used my lace print jersey left over from my peter pan collar kimono sleeve t-shirt to make a 6 inch wide tube. This very handy band is for use with trousers and skirts that still pretty much fit but without quite being able to fully do up the zips/buttons. The band sits on my hips, under my t-shirt but over the top of my low-rise jeans, effectively hiding the fact that I am holding them closed with a big safety pin! This band may mean I get a little more wear out of some of my skirts/trousers! 

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  1. congratulations on the baby!! I've never seen a belly-band before, but that makes a lot of sense.