Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MMMay'12 - Week Two

It's Me Made May roundup time again! We've covered Week One, so let's jump right in to Week Two!

Day 8.
me-made pony sorbetto
me-made two tone pointy flat shoes
me-made map bag
These are my purpley-grey and slatey-grey two tone pointy flats. They have a winged toecap with punching with similar detailing at the back. I made them a couple of years ago and they are rather scuffed and worn now.
I'm loving my pony sorbetto and thought that pretendy pearls would go very well with the ponies!

Day 9.
me-made lace print t-shirt worn over a blouse
It may be May, but it's still chilly enough to be in multiple layers and tweedy trousers!

Day 10.
me-made purply-grey cowl neck t-shirt
me made two tone brown oxford brogues
This t-shirt was my second attempt at a cowl neck t-shirt using the same pattern as the stripey one from day 3. I don't think the stripey one works but I really like this one.
Wearing these cropped trousers and my two tone brown oxford brogues, I feel like a lady golfer! I completely love these shoes. I made them not-last-winter-but-the-winter-before when I was trying to decide on the perfect knee-high boots to make. I couldn't decide, so I made these beauties instead. I had a play with the lines of the classic oxford brogue - bringing the edge of the toecap right up to meet the edge of the vamp, as well as extending the line of the vamp creating a lovely curve at the back of the shoe. The darker brown leather shows through the punching of the lighter brown leather and vice versa.

I really love this design and I plan to make more in different colourways.

Day 11.
me-made pipe pendant necklace
This pipe necklace is my response to Magritte's The treachery of Images which I love. I made it by hand-cutting my pipe drawing from mdf with a piercing saw, filing it smooth with a set of very small files, and giving it a couple of coats of acrylic paint. I put it on the thinnest chain I could find because I wanted it to look like it was floating, or like it was a tattoo. This necklace always gets compliments!

Day 12.
me-made cloud pendant necklace
me-made purply-grey cowl neck t-shirt
me-made massive bird skirt
me-made two tone pointy flat shoes
My most me-made outfit of the month so far! We spent the weekend in Faversham, Kent where we attended a friend's parent's joint 60th birthday party which was very fun! I finished this skirt recently and shall dedicate a blog post to it soon because I rather like it! 
The stylised cloud pendant was made in the same way as the pipe pendant of the previous day - based on a drawing of mine, hand-cut from mdf with a piercing saw, filed and painted. Again I put it on a thin chain so that it would look like it was floating.

Day 13.
me-made plaited belt
me-made two tone pointy flat shoes
A lovely lazy day wandering around Faversham, in pretty much the same outfit as Day 7.

Day 14.
me-made massively long bead necklace
me-made two tone pointy flat shoes
me-made map bag
Out to dinner to celebrate Mr B's birthday (which is actually the following day). I'm wearing an enormously long necklace I made using all sorts of interesting blue and green beads. I'll give you a closer look at this necklace in a future post. As you can see I'm also showing off 16 weeks worth of baby bump. Yup, we have a little Botterbean on the way! (and no, I'm not about to get started on all that wine and champagne!)


  1. Where on earth did you get that pony print fabric? I LOVE IT!!

  2. Just discovered you from So, Zo and what a lovely suprise. An interesting blog with lots of goodies to see and read. I sew but lurve shoes and boots. Live in Qld near Mackay so too hot to really wear boots here. Congratulations on your pregnancy and wish you all the best for a happy, healthy time for you both. I'll be back!

  3. Aaaahhhh! I said this last week too, but you're just flooring me with you're shoes, I can't believe it! You're increadibly talented, and I so envy you being able to make your own shoes, and such gorgeous and intricate ones at that. I love oxfords and brouges more than anything, so this week's post was even more painful to read about than last week.

    And - congratulations! How lovely to be expanding your family, best of luck during your pregnancy! (P.S. Unsolicited advice - defunct has some very inspiring pregnancy style posts, which I so look forward to drawing on some time in the future when it's my time to be sporting a belly.)

    1. It's been quite an oxford-centric week hasn't it?! Sorry to cause you pain (although I shall take it as a compliment)!
      Thanks for the academichic tip off, it looks good. I have bookmarked it and will have a proper trawl through it soon!

  4. You made your shoes! Oh wow! I really need to go through your blog archives like a crazy me-made stalker! ;)

    1. You stalk my archives and I'll stalk yours! You have some fantastic creations! I see you had a "lady golfer" moment recently too!

  5. Your shoes are lovely, I have seen your blog and loved it all, congrats on your baby bump

  6. Many congratulations! Take care of yourself and the bump.

    Look forward to seeing the baby shoes!

  7. Very fine news, congratulations.