Tuesday, May 08, 2012

MMMay'12 - Week One.

Hello, welcome to my first week of my first Me Made May Challenge! Having my photo taken is not my favourite thing in the world, so prepare your self for some rather awkward photos....

Day 1.
me-made apron
me-made lace print t-shirt worn over a blouse
me-made button boots
me-made map bag
This is my work apron which I made about 4 years ago I think. It will be my most worn me-made item this month (although I'll only show it to you this once). The boots I'm wearing are my general work boots. I made them a few years ago and they are now very worn and shabby. I can wear two pairs of socks in them when the workshop is particularly cold and I don't mind if they get dirty or get tacks stuck in the soles etc. They are button boots - one of my all-time favourite styles...
(I told you they were shabby! I'm actually a bit embarrassed to show you these!)

Day 2.
me-made belt
me-made faux woven, faux Chanel shoes
I made these faux Chanel flat slip-on shoes to wear wandering around Paris for a friend's Hen Do (or as I preferred to call it - "Poulet Soiree") The tan leather has a faux woven finish to it.

Day 3.
me-made cowl neck t-shirt
me-made button boots
me-made map bag
This was the first self-drafted cowl neck t-shirt I made. I'm not sure that I actually like it - I think the small stripes make the cowl look a bit messy rather than nicely drapey.

Day 4.
me-made necklace
me-made faux Chanel shoes
A Flat Stanley-style re-creation of the day's outfit as I had already changed into my exercise gear (and was still a bit scarred by yesterday's awkward photo) by the time I remembered to document my outfit.

Day 5.
me-made plain blue sorbetto
me-made faux Chanel shoes
me-made map bag
me-made fabric carrier bag
Despite the apparent scowl, I was actually quite pleased with the Saturday trip to the hardware shop to buy various bits and pieces including some wood that would soon become a shelf at home. I'm also using a fabric bag I made using a plastic carrier bag as a pattern. It has the same expanding sides as a plastic carrier bag except you can carry loads of things without the handles digging into your hand the way the plastic ones do.
The sorbetto is using some plain blue fabric from my stash. (I have rather a lot of this fabric as it was the tablecloths at our wedding reception which I have been slowly incorporating into various projects - muslins, linings etc.) I made my own bias binding for the first time for this top which worked out well, although it would have been quicker with one of those tools that does the folding for you. The original plan for this top was to add a big bow in the same blue fabric, but then I decided it was better to make a plain top that would be a good backdrop for some of my necklaces. So no bow this time round.

Day 6.
me-made stripey top.
This was one of the first t-shirts I ever made and as you can see I misjudged how wide to make the neckline! Worn on a day of staying at home, doing little bits of DIY including sorting out my sewing area (a task I'd been putting off), and painting the wood for the new shelf. Only one me-made item today because not leaving the flat means no shoes or bag required!

Day 7.
me-made plaited belt
me-made two tone pointy flat shoes
The new shelf is up! This is our tiny hallway which has SIX doors leading off it (two of them are cupboards). The plan is to have shelves running around the top of the door frames and it will be our little hallway library. I've been meaning to do this for about a year so it's very good to have made a proper start!

So that's week one!  To be continued...


  1. Wow - me-made shoes are so impressive!
    Lots of bloggers (including me) are finding the self portraits difficult. You've got a lovely record of week 1. It's nice that you show your week not just the outfits, very natural.

  2. Wow, it blows my mind that you have me-made shoes as part of your outfits! I'm jealous beyond belief! (I have some really deeply rooted desires to be a cobbler, spinner, bookbinder, and letterpresser when I grow up. Which, at almost 28 should be... any day now?)

    1. I know what you mean! spinning, weaving, bookbinding, letterpressing, glassblowing, pottery, woodwork... I'm going to need several lifetimes I think!

  3. Button boots! Beautiful creations, gee-wizz I'm envious. I think you look lovely in these pictures - but I do know exactly the fear you feel, my chum Paul told me that whenever I have my photo taken I should say in my head 'Oh good! I love having my photo taken!' until it becomes true - at present I just attempt to retreat into my own neck.

    1. Good advice Jo! "Oh good! I love having my photo taken!" sounds much better than my current "Oh no! I look weird in photographs *pulls weird face*" self-fulfilling prophecy thinking!

  4. Looks great!! Glad that your first MMM week went well:)