Friday, May 25, 2012

Emergency sandals!

It's going to be a beautiful, hot, sunny weekend in London (finally!) and I realised today that I don't have any casual sandals. So this evening I stayed behind after work and I made myself some EMERGENCY HOT WEATHER SANDALS!

I wanted them to be super quick to make so I used all straight lines and raw edges. First I had a play with masking tape...

And then I had a play with strips of leather...

Then, when I decided what I was going to do, I cut the straps, added buckles, stitched them to lining leather (self lined), inked the edges of the straps black, made a leather covered insole and lasted it all together. I spent a little while adjusting the straps to get them all even and matching...
Those patches on the lasts (above) are to add a little bit of bulk so that the lasts match my joint measurements.

And TA DAH!  Emergency sandals!
Slatey-purpley-grey leather, metallic purple leather, leather covered insole, 6mm rubber sole, hard-wearing rubber top piece.
Bring on the weekend!


  1. You're amazing! I can't believe you whipped these up one day after work. Super impressive!

  2. This looks like much more fun than "emergency sandal" shopping. Love the color scheme.

  3. I find the concept of whipping up emergency sandals really hilarious, just because it's so far from the skillset and oppurtunities that most people have (it's almost absurd! But in a really good way; I'm still really envious. Hmmm... I think I will always be!) - yey for you, and they turned out just fabulous!

  4. it's so amazing to me that you whip up sandals like i whip up jersey tees!! sooooo fantastic!