Friday, April 13, 2012

Prometheus in Empire

**This is an example of some of the work I was involved with when I worked for a company called Theatrical Shoemakers. We made costume shoes for film, theatre, television etc**

One of the fellas at work brought in the new issue of Empire magazine with Noomi Rapace ("the new Ripley!") on the cover.
As you might guess from the cover, there is a long article in there about Ridley Scott's new Alien film Prometheus. There's lots of interviews, screen shots as well as behind the scenes pics.


We at Theatrical Shoemakers did a few bits and pieces for Prometheus, mainly pairs of overboots to be worn with the spacesuits. 

They were zip-up boot uppers (without soles) cut from spongy, perforated fabric, which were to have armour style shin pads and other bits and pieces attached to them, and fitted onto other footwear by the film's costume department.

Here's Charlize Theron wearing a suit (rather than a spacesuit). Neat hair, neat suit, neat shoes. Let's have a closer look at those...

She's wearing concealed wedge platform shoes in grey leather. They have a centre seam along the instep and an asymetrical seam running diagonally across the forepart. 
We originally made them as ankle boots (as requested) but they asked us to change the topline to the one you see here.

Watch the Prometheus trailer here.
Prometheus costume design by Janty Yates.


  1. Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVED these shoes, but I did think a wedge always looks better as a boot, from a balance point of view. How interesting!
    Sorry, I'm just a huge internet stalker of yours now!

    1. I haven't seen Prometheus yet so I shall take your word for it! Thanks for your comments, I'm glad you're enjoying the blog!