Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Game of Thrones

**This is an example of some of the work I was involved with when I worked for a company called Theatrical Shoemakers. We made costume shoes for film, theatre, television etc**


The much anticipated Season 2 of Game of Thrones begins this week and I for one will be keeping an eye at ground level!

We at Theatrical Shoemakers made various pairs of boots for the first season for Sean Bean and Peter Dinklage among others. I didn't photograph them at the time because a) we didn't know what Game of Thrones was or how amazing it was going to turn out to be, and b) the boots we made were fairly straight forward knee-length pull-on boots, nothing crazy or out of the ordinary.

Having finally watched the first season, we were all very pleased to be asked to make some more footwear for the second season...

We made quite a few pairs of these black boots with two sets of long wrap-around straps.
We had to send them to Iceland, so I'm pretty sure they are for the Night's Watch.

Now, look at these golden beauties...
These are platform soles for the character Daenerys (dragon lady) Targaryen. 

They are made from a block of wood with a padded sock of gold leather. (the 'sock' is the term for the bit of leather your foot actually stands on) This is how they left our workshop. The Game of Thrones costume department were then going to fashion some sort of sandal-y (?) wrap-around (?) strappy (?) upper for them. I will definitely be keeping my eyes peeled for these ones, I can't wait to see how they turned out. But for now, let's admire these glowing curly platforms some more...



  1. Blimey, they're stonking - I'm really enjoying your blog, it's brilliant.

  2. Golden shoes!

  3. What an amazing golden shoe! Silly question (maybe)... But is it possible to commission a pair?

    1. Hi Sonia!
      Your Daenerys costume is looking amazing!
      Unfortunately these shoes were a one-off for Game of Thrones. Sorry about that.
      All the best!

    2. Thank you so much for your reply Emily... I have only just seen it! It is very kind of you for your compliment too! Keep on making amazing shoes :D I hope to see more on your blog again :)