Friday, April 27, 2012

Enormous gold-tipped sapphires!

I have fallen a bit behind in posting about things I have been making recently, but I shall try to catch up. 

This necklace is something I finished over the Easter long weekend. It is a continuation of my Something out of Nothing Necklace experiment. I have worn that necklace often, I love the facets of those beads and I wanted to make more of a feature of them.

I made some more faceted beads out of scrap leatherboard as before, this time shaping them so that they were slightly bigger at one end. I then drilled a hole horizontally across the small end (rather than drilling lengthwise along the middle as before)

I then spent a while painting each individual facet. I started by painting the bottom facets gold, and then painted the other facets in a variety of shades of blue. I didn't really have a plan for where each shade would go, I just allowed myself to paint a bit randomly. I did paint over a couple of facets that had ended up up being too similar to their next-door colour. When I was happy with them, I sprayed them with varnish and let them dry.

When stringing them together, I chose some tear drop shaped plastic beads from my bead stash. I wanted them to provide some space between each faceted bead without distracting from them too much. I cut thin strips of soft blue leather from my leather stash (I have a number of stashes - beads, leather, fabric, buttons-zips-and-other-notions, thingamajigs-that-i-might-need-one-day, etc) Using leather thonging allows me to adjust the height of the necklace depending on the neckline of whatever I'm wearing it with.

My enormous gold-tipped sapphire necklace. A bit graphic, a bit cartoon-y and the closest I will ever get to sapphires of this size!


  1. The different colored facets are really a fantastic touch.

  2. Wonderfully bold. Perfect combinations of colours and forms. Equally effective as your previous faceted necklace, I love them both.