Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Hand Made Christmas

==== Hello and Happy 2012 to you! ====

Before we launch ourselves entirely into this brand new year, here's a little look at some of the things I made for gifts this Christmas...

For my mum:
This dish that I decorated whilst on this lovely lady's hen do.
We went to a pottery painting studio where I discovered that you can use lace as a stencil. The woman had a whole basket full of beautiful lace to choose from including this one with the trees and birds motif.

To celebrate mum's brand new kitchen I made her a set of six napkins using some lovely Japanese indigo fabrics I found at The Cloth House on Berwick Street in Soho.

with some lovely contrast stitching because... why not?!

I followed this tutorial for making mitered corners.

For my Brother-in-law:
I picked up my knitting needles for the first time in ages and whipped up this short scarf - to be worn like a (knitted) cravat.

More neckwear, this time for my Brother-out-law:
Made following this tutorial.

And for Husband:

Some gentlemanly slippers.
These were inspired by a beautiful pair of slippers we made at work for a film (which I will tell you about once the film is out!) 
The upper is a burgundy and gold-ish velvety stripe upholstery-weight fabric with navy blue grosgrain ribbon binding. Lining is burgundy suede and i made a quilted felted-wool sock to make it extra cosy. (The sock is the bit of lining that covers the insole and is what your foot is standing on. It usually has the brand name/size etc printed on it.)
I made a prefinished sole in leather with a leather and leatherboard heel to give a stripey effect to match the upper.
*Thankyou to Keith and Lenny - the Patterncutter and the Closer (the Closer is the proper job title of the-guy-who-stitches-the-shoes-together) at work for their roles in the creation of these rather dapper slippers.

Here's to a thoroughly excellent and exciting new year! Cheers!

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