Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wedding shoes for Mr & Mrs T

One of the good things about being a shoemaker is that I have the opportunity to make some very special occasion shoes for friends. This past 18 months has been a good time for friends getting married, and I feel so lucky to be able to contribute in a small way to their big day.

These are the 'his and hers' wedding shoes I made for Mr & Mrs T. They got married on a beautiful summery day in an amazing old barn in the country side. There was sunshine, fields, more beautiful gingham bunting than you could shake one of the delicious canapes at, and all-round merriment.

These are Mr T's shoes. He wanted some classic oxford brogues in a mid brown. The stitching is in a darker brown and I burnished the brogue holes to a darker shade as well.
Leather soles and stacked leather heel with a layer of rubber which can be easily replaced once worn down.

Mrs T was wearing a beautiful, fairly traditional white wedding dress, so naturally these are the shoes she requested...
Oh yeah! Red gingham peep toe court shoes with 4 inch heels, a one inch platform, with applique leather cherries motif on the front and back!

Mr & Mrs T.   awww!

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  1. Ive been slowly going through the posts in your blog since I found it, I find it really interesting to see all these shoes come to life. What a wonderful gift for friends on their most important day :) (I love her shoes, right up my alley)